Know your business value and how you can improve the key drivers

After analyzing 65,000+ businesses, analysts at The ValueBuilder System™ have discovered that companies with a Value Builder score of 90+ received offers that are 7.1 times higher than the average-scoring business.

The Value Builder Score™ gives a comprehensive assessment of the "Sellability" of your business, whether you want to sell next year or just to know that you're building a valuable asset for the future.

What business owners are saying

"I love The Value Builder System™ and working with my advisor, it’s been a great experience and has literally transformed the company."

Steven Henderson (CEO)
Henderson Data Solutions

"The Value Builder Score explained where I currently was with my business. It gave value to specific areas of my business and showed me where I needed to improve things."

John Christian Williams (CEO)
JCW Creative

"As a trained scientist, any tool I use must be proven from all angles. The Value Builder System™ doesn’t lie.
It forces you to be honest and then shows you where the opportunities are."

Max Mabuti (Owner)
Flat-Foot Engineering

"Before I connected with my Value Builder Advisor, I was working 65+ hours a week trying to run my business…Now I only need to work 5 hours a week and my business is still growing."

Danny Sleswick (CEO)
Image Cabinets

How does it work?

Complete the free 13 minute assessment and receive instant feedback on your results.

Know where you're strong and which drivers have improvement opportunities.


Our Assessment Review and Planning Services

1-on-1 Assessment Review

Get a statistically proven valuation assessment review

    You will:

  • Learn how to leverage your strengths to increase operational effectiveness
  • Identify risks and how to manage them
  • Get clarity on where to focus to achieve growth
  • Receive a personalized report covering all 8 value drivers
  • Work through the details with your certified coach for greater depth and understanding

    What’s included:

  • Online assessment questionnaire (only 13 minutes to complete)
  • 1-on-1 review session with your certified coach

Strategy Planning

Build a solid strategy to achieve your business goals

    You will:

  • Turn your assessment outcomes into strategic focus areas
  • Set measurable goals aligned with your vision
  • Prioritize those that will have the greatest impact
  • Amplify your strengths and develop guidelines for managing risks
  • Build a unique strategy around each value driver
  • Collaborate on your vision with key team members

    What’s included:

  • Three 1-on-1 strategy planning sessions with your certified coach
  • Documented strategic plan for improving your value drivers

Tactical Planning

Create a strong tactical plan to execute on your strategy

    You will:

  • Create a tactical plan focused on your strategic objectives
  • Identify specific and practical actions that are essential to your vision
  • Allocate suitable resources and key team members
  • Build a solid foundation that enables massive and sustainable growth
  • Establish data collection methods to record performance

    What’s included:

  • Five tactical sessions with your certified coach (team welcome)
  • Documented tactical plan, resource allocation and key measurables

1-on-1 Assessment Review

Let us work through your assessment results together to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the assessment results
  • Get powerful insights unique to your business
  • Know which actionable steps will increase value

You will receive a personalized 28 page report detailing your performance on all 8 value drivers. Ready to take on the challenge of building a more valuable business?

Strategy and Tactical Planning

Let us help you build solid strategies and tactics to:

  • Clarify your value building vision
  • Ensure you're focused on the right things
  • Align your team around common objectives
  • Build a solid foundation for sustainable growth
  • Establish key measurables to track performance

You will receive detailed strategy and tactical plans that help guide you and your team to success.

Reach out to us directly should you have any questions:

United States: +1 877 871 7810

South Africa: +27 83 679 2337

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