A time to reflect. What worked and what didn’t?

As we near the year-end, it’s a good time for business owners to reflect.

  • What worked as you planned and what didn’t?
  • Did this year deliver on your full vision?
  • How well did your ideas get executed?

Periodic reflection helps you take stock of what is working and what needs improvement. The process also highlights areas requiring additional resources and support.

Using these insights, plan your next year with intent and reap desired results.


Plan to win early

Create a habit of winning by selecting realistically achievable goals within the first month or quarter. Achieving early results sets the tone for a great year ahead and gives your team the confidence to take on bigger goals.


Create momentum

Identify a series of smaller, meaningful outcomes that align with the bigger goals and allow each stage to act as a catalyst and amplifier towards the next. Success builds on success!


Know your role…Visionary or Integrator?

Are you responsible for generating ideas AND ensuring your team execute them? These are two very different roles and skillsets.

The visionary role is responsible for:

  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Improving existing products and services
  • Creating new products and services
  • Solving customer problems
  • Building a solid brand
  • Rallying the team around the company vision

The integrator role is responsible for:

  • Turning ideas into tactical implementation
  • Maximizing the use of finite resources
  • Coordinating team and project activities
  • Establishing clear measures and reporting
  • Solving operational problems
  • Effective communication across the business

Know your role, play to your strengths, and get support for the rest.


Getting support

Be the creative, idea-generating visionary you love to be and free yourself from the operational execution. Having a trusted operational lead that consistently delivers on your vision, allows you to focus on why you got into business to start with.

Partnering with a Fractional Integrator will give you and your business the expertise needed to deliver on your vision.

The Fractional Integrator model is designed to provide returns that far outweigh the investment. These costs are also typically far less than those of a full-time COO and don’t require you to give up equity.

Get integrator support and make next year your best yet!