How do you become more sustain {able}?

What does sustainability mean to you?

We think about this in 2 parts: sustain + ability



To continue or maintain something for a period of time by leveraging a quality or skill which makes it possible to do it.


What is your something? What do you want to sustain?

  • Year on year growth
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Delivering quality products or services
  • Staff care and wellness
  • Leadership development
  • Personal health and wealth

Knowing what you want to sustain will help you identify the abilities required to make it possible.


Develop your abilities

The part of the equation that you have influence on, is your ability to acquire new abilities.

Once the required abilities are identified, you can get to work on them, knowing that each incremental improvement is adding to your toolbox of skills and experience needed to tackle the challenges ahead.


Accelerate your learning

Seeking support from coaches or mentors can be extremely powerful in accelerating this process. Coaching provides a tactical focus in acquiring these abilities and aligning them with your goals.

How will you become more sustain {able} ?