Increase capacity by creating an extra day per week!

When teams reach their maximum operational capacity, owners often feel they need to employ more people to enable further growth. Adding more people isn’t without its challenges. New staff members require:

  • Onboarding and training which is often supported by other team members
  • Increased costs for hardware, software, and consumables
  • Time to orientate to the new environment before they realize their full value
  • Increased management responsibility
  • Additional payroll and tax administration
  • Intricate culture integration

Recruiting another team member can be valuable if they are needed in a new role. However, if the business is merely adding bodies to increase capacity for similar tasks, then consider alternate solutions of greater value.


Increase capacity without hiring

What if you could rather give your existing team an extra day per week to increase capacity without asking them to work more?

They could use the extra time to:

  • Focus on extending successful initiatives
  • Start a new project they currently don’t have time for
  • Provide customers with even better service experiences
  • Nurture and convert more leads
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Take more frequent brakes for improved mental and physical health

Achieving a 20% increase in capacity is equal to hiring an extra person for every 4 current staff members in your business. This achievement comes without any of the challenges associated with hiring.

Achieving a 20% increase in capacity is equal to 4 extra days per month, 12 extra days per quarter and 48 extra days per year!


Alternate solutions to increase capacity

An example of how to increase capacity without hiring is presented in a Sharran Srivatsaa podcast (Episode 43: How We Automated A Whole Day of Work), in which Sharran outlines how he and his team achieved a 20% increase in capacity through systems thinking, innovation, automation and the use of purposeful technology tools.

Effective technology solutions are designed to scale with your business. They are more cost-effective than hiring staff and adapt to your ever-changing operational requirements.


People want to do important work

No one wakes up in the morning excited at the prospect of doing manual data entry or preparing endless spreadsheets. Staff want to be challenged and do important work. Hundreds of daily tasks can be automated, so don’t give automatable tasks to your team.


Achieving amazing results

We regularly see businesses increase capacity by 20-30%+ and elevates their operational effectiveness to the next level.

The challenge many businesses face is that technology is not their core competency, so knowing where to start in the research and selection process can be overwhelming. Even when selecting a great solution, many businesses struggle with operational alignment, correct implementation, and user adoption.

Our proven approach reduces the risk and frustration associated with implementing ineffective solutions. We specialize in helping you identify innovation opportunities, find suitable technology solutions, and implement them to generate measurable value for your business.

What more could you and your team achieve in the next month, quarter or year with a 20%+ increase in capacity and a tactical focus on operational effectiveness?

Get in touch to find out how.

Increase Working Capacity